Kayper – Out My Mind



Main Course has quickly become one of my favorite record labels as of late.  Run by Astronomar (Alaska > Seattle > LA), Neoteric (London, Ontario), and Bot (ex-Crookers, London, UK), dudes with an incredible ear for outsider house, Main Course distributes every release for free.  What I really like about this label is that there is not a strict sound to their output.  Everything from electro-leaning house, deeper sounds and classic vocal house is represented and maintains a high level of quality.  As a DJ, I tend to play a lot of different sounds depending on the time of the night or the gig, and Main Course always has a track for that moment.  Depending less on a cohesive sound and more on a free-thinking, innovative approach to music, all of their releases push a certain boundary in sound and technique.  Plus there’s a palpable hip hop influence in everything they put out which is important to me personally.  They are a label of weird, happily dark music that is meant to be party rocking and fun.

Kayper is a well established DJ and producer from Croydon, London.  She hosts a show on the BBC Asian network and has played the best clubs in the city.  This track is just pure anthem.  Its been making its way into every set recently alongside hip hop, house, techno…anything.  Its mostly because its constantly stuck in my head.  Enjoy.


New Mix! Pyramids December 2013



Back on this website after a busy few months!  Here’s a new mix.  Its a promo for a new party I’m starting in January called, well, Pyramids.  Its a party for underground and independent electronic music, focused mostly on house and techno sounds.  This mix is an introduction to some of those sounds, artists and record labels that will be played at the party.

First one: Thursday, January 16th, 2014 at The Blue Nile in Harrisonburg, VA.  Starts at 9pm and its 18+ and $3.



la_fleur_3_small_lars_borges_2011I had the privilege of seeing La Fleur a couple weeks ago in Berlin at Watergate as part of her residency there.  I initially went to see the headliner from the UK, Hot Since 82, who was great, but for the me, the night belonged to La Fleur.  To open (from 2am to 4am) she played a beautiful, deep, slow house set which perfectly set the mood on the floor for the headliner: the ultimate job of a resident and opener.  To close (from 5:45am to 8am when I left) she transitioned into a dark but delicate tech house and techno set.

Playing before AND after a headliner is no easy task but La Fleur handled everything with a serenity that soothed even the most wide-eyed of the pill-poppers.  Her ability to add a feminine aesthetic, a graceful playfulness to the dark, deep sound so popular in Berlin was intoxicating.  Don’t get me wrong, she belongs in Berlin and the move from her native Stockholm was a foregone conclusion with her talent, but its her ability to add a unique resonance to the well-established (and still ultimately interesting and vanguard Berlin sound) that will see her rise to the top of a scene bursting with musical talent.

This mix is a little taste of that Thursday night and morning a couple weeks ago.